$150 Raised 9 Donors $500 Goal

Phuket Thailand rescuer Toni Jessop was on the road somewhat near her home when she spotted a dog dragging his hind legs trying to cross traffic. 

She scooped him up and brought him to her vet assuming he was a street dog that had been hit by car.

The vet confirmed this poor soul had indeed been hit by a car, but it had been 2 to 3 months ago!

Toni also discovered he had an owner who just let him suffer in this condition!  Both hind legs were mangled and infested with maggots.

“Josh” has now been at the clinic for over a month, where he has had two amputations, a bath, a shave and healthy food to eat.  They estimate him to be 8-9 years old.

He is due to be released from their care sometime next week, however there is a bill due of $800 USD and we’re trying to help with raising $500.  Josh thankfully will not be returned to the streets where his “owner” just left him to die a slow death.  Toni will be rehabilitating him at her own home until she can find a permanent forever home where he will be loved like he so deserves.

Please help with a donation in any amount toward his vet bill so he can start knowing just what its like to feel safe and loved…


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