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Poor 10 month old Khao lost her battle – just as we were about to start her fundraiser…

All Aimals are Suay in Chiang Mai Thailand desperately needed our help with ten month old Khao, who was suffering from a rare parasite contracted from eating raw meat while living out on the streets.

The parasite was rapidly moving throughout her body having already invaded her blood stream, with her brain the next probable location.  The parasite was found to be causing her uncontrollable head movements, lethargy, depression, lack of appetite, and blindness. Khao’s chances of recovering were extremely low, but no-one was giving up.

After a week and a half of doing everything they could, All Animals Suay and the multiple doctors at the vet hospital all agreed that the best thing they could do for Khao would be to let her go before she suffered any longer. Everyone was devastated at the loss of this poor innocent soul at such a young age.

Being that Kaho was a street dog, All Animals Suay is responsible for all the vet bills.  We’re trying to raise $280 to help offset the looming financial obligation.

All Animals are Suay started in April 2016 by a mother-and-daughter team, Cathy and Emma. Having lived in Thailand for 15 years, they witnessed animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect firsthand in a way many people have not.   Emma and Cathy returned to Australia in January 2016, but still run All Animals are Suay with an incredible team of volunteers on the ground in Thailand.

Please help with a donation to pay the vet bils for this poor baby. RIP Khao, we know you tried so hard & you were loved right till your last breath xxx

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