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Our first question to the rescuer of this poor soul was “will she recover?”... The answer “yes, but it will take time”.

We know this to be true, because we have seen similar cases in the past & as heartbreaking as they are, the dogs usually always respond to treatment, fully recover & go on to lead normal lives.

This poor victim’s name is “Khao”. She was found at the side of the road near Cha Am Town in Thailand. Someone found her and called local rescuer “Oranuch” for help.

Khao has lage open wound on her head which has started to rot. After the vet carefully cleaned the wound her skull was visible as the flesh has been eaten away.

This huge will take at least a month to heal and she will need intensive care together with strong antibiotic drugs to control the infection.

The treatment cost will be $500 & we hope our supporters will do their best to help.

We will have updates on Khao as her treatment begins. We all wish her a speedy recover and we wish we could tell her how much we care & want her to be well again.


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