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This is “Lhong”, he’s a 5 month old puppy who was living on the streets of Cha Am Thailand, and was hit by a car. As you can see, the impact broke his leg & has left a large open wound.

Sadly his leg cannot be saved and will need amputation, but at present his weakened body would not surivive the surgery, so he will need at least 2 weeks of intensive treatment before the surgery can take place. He will need to stay at the vet for around 30 days in total.

During this time Lhong will need daily wound cleaning, strong antibiotic medication and nutritious food to build up his body. He has a very low red blood cell count and severe infection, so surgery needs to wait until his little body will withstand the operation.

Well known Rescuer “Oranuch” has asked for K9Aid’s help in raising donations to help pay for Lhong’s treatment which is expected to costs around U$1100. We are trying to raise half of that amount $550 whilst Oranuch tries to raise the balance.

We hope this poor little soul recovers quickly from this terrible ordeal. Our hearts break for him being so young and with such an horrific injury.

Please help if you can with a donation for Lhong’s surgery & treatment. Any donation however small will help and be most appreciated. Thank you x


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