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This heart breaking case comes to us from Hand to Paw Rescue (H2P) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Below is the first hand account of how local rescuer  “Amandine” found Liam wandering aimlessly in the middle of a busy road, in the most terrible state.

Amandine says ….

“Late last night as I was heading home, I spotted a dog in the middle of the road doing circles and seemingly unable to get back to the side of the road. I stopped, helped him back, and smelled and felt the stench of a really bad infection that’s gone untreated for far too long.

His ears were crusty and wet, his neck was open and maggots were crawling out, and each time I put him on the side of the road, he wandered right back into oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, we got him to the hospital, got him cleaned up and maggots pulled out, and placed on some heavy duty antibiotics, eardrops, painkillers, etc. I’ve named him Liam (“strong-willed” in Welsh)”

The intensive treatment to ensure Liam recovers from this terrible ordeal will likely cost about $250 over the next two weeks & we’d like to try and raise enough to cover this cost.

Our hearts ache knowing how much this poor soul has been suffering on the streets.  In spite of it all, he’s an incredibly gentle dog who is eager to be free of pain.

Any donation however small will help.
Thank you.

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