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Lola after surgery to plaster her broken legs.


This poor soul was found screaming on the side of a road in Pattaya, Thailand following a road accident. Someone had run her over several days before and left her for dead.

When rescuer – Louise Berner tried to pick her up she bit in pain & fear. Louise didnn’t realise the extent of Lola’s injuries until she eventually got her to a local vet clinic for xrays. Her worst fears were confirmed – both legs are broken, one in 3 locations. Her hip is also dislocated and punching the bladder causing severe infection.

Both legs have been plastered and further xrays will be taken in 2 weeks time. This is going be tough & sadly the vet does not give high hopes for Lola walking again, but we are staying positive because miracles do happen.

Louise will care for Lola at her Rescue – Meow’s Sanctuary, where she cares for approx 100 street dogs where she will stay for the rest of her life unless a good home is found for this poor girl.

Louise has asked for our help to raise $350 to pay for Lola’s treatment. We hope our supporters will give a small donation so we can reach this goal.

Thank you.

One of her legs is broken in 3 places, the other in 1 place.


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