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Meet Lola! This is enough to break your heart! Look at her face, she is so happy she has been rescued!

Lola was found just meters from “Hin Lek Fai” Rescue’s “Dog Safe House” in Hua Hin ,Thailand by a dog lover “Khun Ae” feeding the dogs at a Temple.

This little girl was non-aggressive and seemed to approach Khun Ae as if asking for help. When Khun Ae saw the terrible wound on her head, she contacted Hin Lek Fai Rescue quickly and they immediately came to pick up this poor soul & transported her to the local vet clinic. They named her “Lola”due to her sweet nature.

Lola seemed to understand what was happening and smiled through most of the very painful process of cleaning out her wound which was dirty and full of maggots. She has an infection in her body due to the wound and vet recommends she stay a minimum 20 days at the vet to enusre she makes a full recovery.

The vet is not sure how this horrible injury occurred, as its located in the back of Lola’s head and it looks like big part of her head is missing, showing bone and brain matter. It was quite possibly caused buy a car accident or perhaps someone intentionally hurt her. We will never know for sure.

The cost for Lola to have her terrible head wound treated, medicines, pain killers, & vet care for 20 days is $400USD. Brigitte who runs Hin Lek Fai Rescue is inundated with cases of injured dogs lately and has asked for our help to ensure Lola receives the medical care she desperately needs.

Our hearts go out to this sweet soul who keeps smiling despite her terrible pain & suffering.

Please consider helping Lola with a donation, however small. Thank you x.
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