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Lucky & Molly shortly after Louise rescued them. Totally exhausted and very ill.


These 3 puppies were found laying soaking wet in sand, powerless & terrified, when local rescuer Louise Berner received a phone call from a local lady telling her about their whereabouts in Pattaya, Thailand.

Lucky, Molly & Dusit were gravely ill, all with bloody diarrhea & vomiting. Dusit was also paralysed & in Louise’s own words “nearly dead”.

As it was raining & stormy, so Louise quickly scooped up the puppies and took them to the nearest vet clinic. Sadly little Dusit, the paralyzed puppy did not survive, his little body was just not strong enough. All puppies were also covered in mange & also tested positive for Parvo Virus which is often fatal.

The vet bill for these puppies is beyond Louise’s means, but she could not let them perish. We’d like to raise just $200 to help pay the bill for their care & treatment.

Please help with a donation for Molly & Lucky. So far their life has been a disaster, we so want them to recover and find a good home.

Thank you x

Right: Dusit who sadly passed away at the vet. His little body was not strong enough to survive

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