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Today was this cat’s lucky day.. He was found by local Pnomh Penh rescuer “Tet Lin”, hiding under a tree in the pouring rain, struggling to breathe. This poor soul was in so much distress & the chances a kind person would find him were almost zero.

Thankfully Tet Lin spotted “Lucky” & immediately picked him up and brought him to his home. His eyes and ears were blocked, causing terrible breathing issues, he was emaciated & malnourished & had no strength to stand.

Tet cleaned him up with warm water and medicated shampoo. He cleaned his ears and put antibiotics in his eyes, but he was to weak to eat any food.

Tet then transported the cat to local vet clinic where he is now being given intravenous fluids as he’s incredibly weak. The cat’s skin his yellow, so it’s possible he has kidney problems. The vet needs to do further blood tests, but at the moment his condition is to weak to take blood.

On a good note, he took a little bit of wet food at the vets so thats a promising sign.

Tet Lin cares for so many animals in this city & is still recovering from illness himself. This man has lost his home, his job during the pandemic, yet he continues to try and help as many animals as he can.

We’d like to raise $200 so Tet Lin can pay for this cat’s treatment and continue rescuing animals in desperate need off the streets. Please help with a small donation if you can.

Thank you.

We’ll update on Lucky’s progress as we get news from Tet.

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