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Lucky was found alone and starving the forest of Chang Mai, Thailand with a large TVT (transmissible venereal tumor).

Local dog rescuer Marianne Willemse found this poor boy alone & starving in a forest in Chiang Mai Thailand.

He had a large TVT Tumor on his genitals, was severely malnourished & very hungry and had no-one to help him.  Marianne had no money to help him either, but she couldn’t leave him alone as he would have perished and died out there alone. She decided to name him “Lucky”. She took Lucky straight to the vet for blood tests to see if he could start the life saving chemo treatments which are so often successful in treating TVT cases.

Following the first 2 treatments Lucky lived up to his name & appeared to tolerate the treatment well.  However, shorly after he stopped eating and a blood test revealed a low liver count and a problem with his pancreas.  Lucky also had raspy lungs so an anti-pneumonia medication was prescribed in addition to strong antibiotics.  Chemo had to be stopped while taking this medication. After a few weeks of medication two lumps developed on Lucky’s hind quarters and further medication was prescribed.

After Marianne spending much of her savings (she also cares for over 30 cats & dogs on the streets) she can no longer pay his bill so she brought him home & is taking Lucky back to the clinic each week for his chemo. Lucky is now quarantined in her Marianne’s barn/cow shelter because he is not able to mix with other dogs yet , as he has not been vaccinated or sterilized which can only be performed after chemo is complete.

Total cost for Lucky right now is $400 however does not include surgery if he needs to have the lumps removed which we hope will be determined soon.

However much you can help with would be greatly appreciated.

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