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Malee was found on the side of the road in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Being born a street puppy is bad enough but having a disability is often a death sentence. Here is her story… and how she now has the opportunity of a lifetime but needs YOUR HELP!

“Hand to Paw” was alerted  to help this baby and after X-rays and assessment by several vets, it was determined that Malee had suffered from a traumatic accident sometime after birth which had broken her tiny pelvis in 3 places.  In addition, both her femurs were broken and her left hind limb had extensive damage. She was also anemic & suffering blood parasites.

We can’t imagine how this little one must have suffered, But despite it all her spinal cord was not damaged and amazingly she has feeling and the ability to move both back limbs and wag her little tail enthusiastically!

Malee does not let her disability hold her back , she hops around the yard carrying her toys and chasing her friends and it is a pure pleasure to behold. For longer walks and for extra support, Malee has learned to use a wheelchair. She has undergone 2 surgeries including one leg amputation.

The best news of all is that Blossom Animal Rescue,  California has agreed to take Malee into their care and find her that extra special forever home! . Here is where she NEEDS OUR HELP to get on that plane! The cost to fly Malee and her wheelchair to San Francisco will be $660 USD.  You can make the difference for one small pup to travel from roadside despair to a life of hope.

Malee ‘s rescue and recuperation has taken a “village” of people to help her. We’re now hoping our wonderful donors can complete her journey and help her fly to a new life that she truly deserves.

Thank you x

Playing with her friends!


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