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MANGAL’S LIFE WAS SAVED BY A VERY SPECIAL YOUNG LADY – Your help is needed for his treatment & recovery…

This is the story not only of an Indian Street puppy who was found near death on a busy road, but also of a young Indian girl who’s given up her Dentistry career to rescue street dogs in her home town of Patalia, India….

“Mangal” is an Indian street dog who was found staggering aimlessly on the busy highway near the Ambala bus station in the Punjab region of India. He was skin & bone, severely malnourished, covered in ticks & suffering a high fever.

He was rescued by a young lady called “Prapti Bajaj” & immediately taken to hospital. Mangal’s condition soon deteriorated and he stopped walking and lost all sensation in his legs. He was given blood transfusions, antibiotics and medication for 10 days which improved his blood profile but sadly the sensation in his legs were totally lost.

Several vets advised putting Mangal to sleep, but his rescuer “Prapti” refused to give up on him, as she does with all her rescues…”we don’t put any dog to sleep until the dog gives up and this puppy had a strong will to live”.

Prapti was determined to give Mangal every chance of recovery so she drove 300kms every weekend to Delhi, where a specialist vet – Dr Chawdhary gave Mangal specialised treatment and he has now started improving. She is also getting him physiotherapy from a leading vet hospital in Delhi.

All this is costing Prapti a lot of money. She has managed to raise USD$120 by herself but the costs are still way beyond her means.

Our friends at “Guardians of the Voiceless” told us about Prapti’s amazing work for the animals of Patalia & have asked for our help in raising some donations to help her treat Mangal and get him well again. Her ultimate goal is for him to walk again & to find him a loving home.

Prapti has been rescuing animals in Patalia for the past 5 years. She is a dentist by profession, but gave up her career so she could focus full time on saving the street dogs of India.

This is one amazing young lady who is devoting her life to caring for animals in one of the most difficult countries to do so. You can help her by donating towards our $150 fundraiser Mangal’s expensive treatment. Please consider a donation however small to show gratitude to Prapti’s work and help this little dog to make a full recovery. Thank you x


Mangal receiving treatment from the vet shortly after rescue. Right: In foster care, still very weak.


Left: The young lady who rescued Mangal – “Prapti Bajaj”.


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