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Messi’s story illustrates both the difficulties, heartache & compassion shown by rescuers like Mukta Das on the streets of India.

K9aid have recently started helping some of these rescuers who see terrible injuries & horrific animal suffering every day. But sadly there are only so many animals they can help and it’s truly heart breaking.

Mukta Das is a young woman who rescues dogs from the dangerous & heartbreaking streets of Kolkata. She regularly feeds 31 dogs in her area, all funded by herself. In March 2019 she came across a trio of dogs (mum & 2 pups) living in a construction site. One of the pups “Messi” had been in an accident & had badly injured his leg. Mukta says “by 1pm the next day I had organised xrays for the puppy, surgery & arranged for the pup to stay at a shelter where the medicines & physiotherapy would be administered)”.

But the shelter did not look after Messi as intended and when Mukta visited him in the 2nd month of his recover, she realised the bone had set wrong & he was dragging his foot. So Mukta decided to intervene & took Messi back to her home where he slowly recovered.

Then in January 2020, Messi was adopted by a family, but his habit of dragging his foot behind him resulted in repeated infections. A few weeks ago the family contacted Mukta telling her Messi’s foot was infected, they were not able to deal with it (as they have many other dogs) and could she help. So Mukta when to collect Messi and was shocked at the condition of his leg!

Sadly, the vet thinks Messi’s leg may have to be amputated as the infection is severe.

Mukta is extremely upset at the condition of Messi. this puppy she fought so hard to save his life when he was a small puppy now desperately needs her help again. Mukta sadly tells us … “Messi’s mother & sister met with terrible deaths. His sister died after being thrown off the fifth floor of the construction site by a drunk labourer and his mother met a similar fate only thrown off by a rival dog. So he is all that remains of my special trio who started my dog feeding venture when I spotted their skeletal frames totally by chance, sitting on a pile of stone chips at the construction site”

Sadly this is a story of neglect, abuse & cruelty and Messi is suffering because of it.

Mukta has reluctantly asked for our help, and we’d really like to help her save Messi. The cost for Messi’s current treatment, upcoming surgery & medication is about $250. Please consider helping with a donation however small, we want to ensure Messi gets the best possible treatment & can go back to his days of playing, having fun & just being a dog.  Your donation (however small) helps to end his journey of pain. 

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