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Milo was found on a street in Bangkok by a friend of local rescuer Amy Nutsati.  This poor boy had been hit by a car over two weeks ago leaving the bone protruding from the leg but nobody wanted to help.  People even threw hot water him as he begged for food because his appearance “bothered” some people.  That is until  a kind samaratin discovered him and contacted Amy straight away.

Amy had him picked up and admitted to Nakarin Veterinary Hospital in Bangkok.  His health is too poor to amputate the leg so they are trying to strengthen him with antibiotics and supplements for his blood parasites, low platelet count, deep wounds and demodicosis.  Hopefully in 2 weeks’ time he will be healthy enough to undergo the surgery.

Milo will need to spend approx one month in a hospital and we’re trying to raise enough to cover at least half of the bill or $400.  Please donate today, no matter how small, every dollar counts.

Thank you.

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