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Mott was found lying on the ground unable to move except for his head. 

As rescuers approached him, they had to cover their face due to a horrible rotten smell…

Louise Berner with Meow’s Sanctuary in Pattaya, Thailand rushed Mott to the vet clinic with fluid coming out of a large hole in his back and a terrible smell.  As the vet started to clean the hole mass amounts of puss came out and they noticed a large area underneath the surrounding skin where the infection had caused the skin to separate from the muscle.  The vet believes this was caused by a snake bite and Mott was given anti-venom serum.  The skin is continuing to rot and is necrotic.  He is requiring attention every few hours.  A catheter has been inserted but he still welcomes the staff with a hearty tail wag each and every time they enter his room.

We all hope that Mott will pull through. His bill is going to be staggering, please help with a donation today.

Thank you.

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