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This sad case comes to us from beautiful Khao Khalok beach in Hua Hin, Thailand.

A post was put up on Thai Facebook page by someone looking for help to rescue this little dog. His eye was bleeding profusely, and protruding completely from his eye socket

The post indicated dog was at Khao Khalok beach with is 7 kilometers long, but the poster did not post an exact location and replied to no subsequent comments, so this was going to be a difficult rescue.

But rescuers were determined to find him, as he was obviously in great pain & distress, so Andrew Ayers and Brigitte Persson from Hin Lek Fai Rescue relentlessly scoured the beach for hours looking for this poor soul.

Their efforts paid off, when finally, they spotted him! They were shocked to see his eye was almost completely hanging out. The protruding eye ball was bleeding heavily. He was in a lot of pain and must have been so for a long time.

“Mr Beach” (as they named him) will need surgery to remove the eye and at least two weeks recover at vets, as the beach is not a good place for a dog with an open wound.

Your help is needed for Mr Beach’s eye removal surgery & recuperation. We’ve no idea how this happened, but he’s in terrible pain and he needs your help immediately.

Thank you for helping him x

We will have an update soon.

(above) – the moment rescuers found Mr Beach in this stunningly beautiful location…

Safe at last! & on his way to the vet


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