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Video above is when Muyor was first rescued.


This heartbreaking situation happens all too often…

This sweet old girl has been breeding puppies for years in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. When her owner realised she could no longer bear pups she just dumped her in the street in appalling condition.

“Muyor” was found abandoned with a large bite on her eye and both eyes maggot infested causing blindness. The vet also found a tumor under her tongue and another tumor in the breast which was oozing puss.

This poor sweet girl has suffered a lot. Rescuer Jitra Kwan could not ignore this little soul so has asked for your help to raise some funds to pay for Muyor’s treatment.

The vet wants to remove the tumor on her breast & tongue as soon as shey’s strong enough, but at present she also has a blood infection and skin infections and is too weak for surgery.

After surgery Jitra will try to find a home for this elderly soul who’s had a terrible life. We really hope that someone will love her and give her a real home.

Your donations are really needed to help “Muyor” recover physically, only a loving home will heal her emotionally. Your donation will help this poor soul to live again. Thank you x

Muyor has a large breast tumor and a mouth tumor which need removing, but surgery cannot commence until she’s physically strong enough to withstand the operation.

Muyor being assessed by the veterinary team

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