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The sheltered area the street vendors made for Myla, whilst waiting for Tamara to come & rescue this poor little pup


This beautiful 10 month old puppy was hit by a car on a busy 6 lane highway in Songkhla, Thailand. She suffered a pelvic fracture as well as hip & joint displacement & was undoubtedly in terrible AGONY! But when rescuer Tamara Johnston lifted her into her car, her little tail wagged & she was so happy someone had come to save her!

Tamara tells us what happened…

“I was contacted today about a puppy that had been hit by a car late yesterday. It happened in front of the local hospital, on a busy 6 lane road. Thankfully the lovely roadside vendors cared enough to get her to safety, ensured she had shade & water and made her as comfortable as possible.

When I arrived, the dog was clearly in a lot of pain and distress. I carefully lifted her into the car and was happy to see her tail wagging! Such a beautiful, young, friendly pup. Turns out she was dumped about a week ago.

While waiting for her blood and xray results, I picked off many, many ticks. Xrays showed right sacroiliac joint dislocation, left pelvic fracture and hip displacement! Argh this poor girl must have been in so much agony.”

Myla has undergone urgent & complex surgery (over 2 hours long) , but the vet (Dr Kai) is confident she will walk again. Tonight she is resting at the vet clinic and had plenty of pain relief. She will need to be confined to a cage for a few weeks to completely recover.

The cost of Myla’s surgery to mend her terrible injuries is approx $300USD plus bloodwork, xrays, medication and admission costs. We desperately want to fund Myla’s surgery costs & help Tamara get this dear little soul healthy again.

Without rescuers like Tamara to help these dogs, they would suffer in agony & starve to death on the streets. Helping fund cases like this allows Tamara to help the next animal in desperate need.

Please help with a donation however small. Thank you.





































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