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Three month old Nala was found in Thailand’s Chacheungsao province by a local lady who feeds the stray dogs was doing her usual feeding round.

A newly dumped group of puppies she has been feeding were all waiting for their meal, but one of them did not run to her when she put the food down. She instinctively knew something was wrong. That is when she realized little Nala had been hit by car & was struggling & in pain.

The feeder contacted local rescuers – Iza & Rose, as she knew this puppy’s injuries were severe and a pup this young could not survive on the streets in this condition.

Knowing that such injures have higher chance of recovery if taken care of right away, Iza & Rose arrangen for Nala to be transported to Bangkok immediately. X rays showed multiple broken bones and she needs to go to surgery as soon as possible before her bones start to heal and repair. The xrays show how bad the breaks are and how much pain she must be suffering.

The vet can not guarantee how much of Nala’s injury he can fix and most probably will need to insert a growth plate. He plants to operate on one leg first and then the other providing Nala’s bloodwork is still ok.

The vet has offered a special rate to fix nala of approx (USD$700). Whilst we try to raise half this amount with this fundraiser ($350), Iza & Rose are desperately trying to raise the other half.

Cases like Nala’s are difficult to raise donations, as the injuries are internal. But this little girl really does need your help to live a pain free life & to have any chance of eventually finding someone to offer her a home.

Please help with a donation for Nala’s surgery. Thank you x


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