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This is Nelson, he was found abandoned on the streets of Calcutta, India.

He’s being fostered after being found in this horrific condition, all skin & bone. He has a deep maggot infested wound on his rear foot & his penis has also been half eaten away by maggots. We can’t imagine the pain & suffering this poor soul has endured.

Nelson had all but given up on life when a he was found & a kind girl is now looking after him, but she desperately needs help with his medical bills as she’s caring for him alone.

Nelson’s dressings need changing daily, his vet bills paid, his blood tests done & his maggots eradicated.

There are some very caring people in India who rescue these dogs from the streets and without them, dogs like Nelson die.

This case comes to us from rescuer Mukta Das, whom K9Aid have helped several times in the past. The lady caring for Nelson often fosters dogs for Mukta and we’d like to help her care for his poor boy.

We’re trying to raise just $150, which will pay for Nelson’s entire treatment. Please help us if you can, any donation however small will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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