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This poor soul!.. Nico was found in Cha Am Thailand yesterday, hiding & crying in pain. He must be in absolute agony…(see video above)

He’s most likely been hit by a car causing an horrific wound to his rear leg, causing the bone to extrude through the skin. This open fracture requires immediate veterinary care.

He was rescued by Brigitte Persson last night who drove to Cha Am from Hua Hin to rescue him. By the time he was recued the vet was closed, but kind enough to open after hours to admit Nico and quickly administer pain killers to hopefully help his horrific pain.

Today the vet will assess his condition thoroughly to see if his leg can be saved or if amputation is necessary. Either way the cost involved will be approx $700USD.

Brigitte is inundated with cases right now and has asked for our help in raising funds for Nico’s surgery & care.

We shudder to think the pain Nico has been through in the past hours and had Brigitte not come to his aid, he’d definitely have died on the streets in agony.

Please help if you can with a donation for Nico, however small! Every donation helps . Thank you. We will update asap.

Nico at the vet receivng urgent pain relief

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