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Nid & her beloved Blanca (left). The 3 dogs poisoned (right)


Meet Nid Sirimara, she’s a Buddhist nun in Pranbury, Thailand who’s spent her entire life helping stray dogs and cats. She lives for the animals and cares deeply for their welfare.

LAST WEEK, THREE OF HER DOGS WERE POISONED. One of her favourites “Blanca” who went travelled daily with Nid on her motor bike has died a horrible painful death. The other 2 dogs are critically ill.

Two years ago she was ejected with no advance warning from the Temple where she had a small area allocated for her animals. All were sterilised and vaccinated and in good health, but the head Monk decided to have them removed. The local Department of Livestock Development (DLD) removed many of her dogs to a horrible, overcrowded public shelter several thousand kilometres away in a town called Buriram.

Nid eventually managed to find a small piece of land where she set up her own small sanctuary and travelled to the Buriram shelter to rescue & bring home as many of her removed animals as possible. Tragically, some had already died there.

Nid has worked very hard to build a safe place for them on this new land. She has no electricity or water but her animals are all healthy and well taken care of. Many people take their animals to her and a few have sponsors but not many.

We’d like to help Nid secure her area and keep her animals safe. To do this she needs to make the area fenced and secure. The total cost to do this is around USD$800. We’re hoping to raise $500 towards this project and ensure the nun’s rescued animals are safe and secure.

Please DONATE if you can, however small. All donations will help.

Thank you everyone.


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