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The skin cancer lesions on Octaves body are sadly inoperable.


This poor dog was found on the streets of Pattaya Thailand by a local man who contacted rescuer – Roshanak Payani. Roshak rescues many dogs in this area and currently has 23 dogs in her care.

Although she has way too many dogs to care for already & not enough funds, she could not ignore the horrible wounds on this poor dog, so had him captured and taken to her vet hoping she could help him.

Sadly “Octave” as he’s been named, has been diagnosed with inoperable skin cancers. He’s had 2 rounds of chemotherapy to try and shrink the lesions with no success. There is unfortunately no cure for this type of cancer and Octave will not have a long life as the lesions will likely spread fast.

The vet bill for Octave’s vet care & treatment is US$300 and Roshanak has reluctantly asked for our help. She funds most of her vet bills herself, but this one is expensive and she is struggling. We feel for rescuers like Roshanak who come across these cases & know they really cannot afford the help the dog. But their hearts will not let them ignore these poor souls, so they get the dog treated as a first priority.

We’d like to be able to raise the $300 needed for Octave’s vet costs with your help. This little lad does not have a long life ahead of him, but the man who resued him has offered him a home for the remainder of his days so he will not have to go back to the streets.

It’s a very sad case and we hope you will donate a little to help.

Thank you. x

When he was spotted on the streets of Thailand.

his capture &  below his first ever bath at the vets.

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