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Old Bobby has been found injured in Hua Hin Thailand, but we’re not sure what has caused his horrific injuries.

As Covid 19 severely affects the Thai economy, many people are not capable to bring injured street dogs to the vet, this is probably why Bobby was found laying on the road with a bowl of water next to him.

Here is his story from his rescuer “Brigitte Persson”…

This poor old boy is injured on his bum and his testicles are badly mangled, strangely enough, he has also injuries to his front legs. We are not sure what could have caused this especially since the injuries to both the back and front.

Initially, we thought it would be a quick treatment and he would be returned to the area where he is from. But, the vet has also diagnosed septicemia (blood poisoning), severe blood parasites, anemia, kidney issues, and a massive infection in his body. It seems like this injury must have happened some weeks ago for it to become this bad, his wound when uncovered was full of maggots and very painful.

The cost to treat Bobby is estimated to be approx 500USD) this is a huge cost to a small Rescue like Brigitte’s that already has many ongoing cases.

Please consider helping, it’s not always about big donations its many small ones that can make the difference for these rescuers to keep doing what they do & continuing helping poor souls like Bobby.

Thank you x



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