$350 Raised 8 Donors $230 Goal

His owners were prepared to let him suffer until he died , after dog attack!

After being attacked by big dogs, this puppy was left to suffer with his owners declaring “he can just die at home”.

Local Bangkok Rescue Group …. “Vetvan Thailand” knew, if left untreated this pup was going to suffer for a long time. This poor little soul has badly infected bite wounds over his body & a badly broken leg.

It was unknown whether Pan would need his broken leg amputated or whether it was saveable with screws & plates. Luckily the vet has managed to save his leg but he has a long road to recovery still ahead. He also needed an abdominal operation and his body is full of infection so recovery will be slow.

The owners have agreed to surrender the puppy to us for the care he needs. He will definitely not be returned to these people!

Neglect and suffering like is something we can’t stand for and although we have so many cases piling up, but puppy Pan deserved not to be ignored! His rescuers will do all they can to turn his life around, but your help is needed to raise some donations towards his vet bills and recovery.

We are trying to raise just $230 for puppy Pan. Please help if you can, all donations help however small.

Thank you.


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