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Panda’s terrible mouth injuries


Panda was hit hard by a motorbike a few nights ago on a small Thai island called Koh Chang. She has suffered multiple broken bones in her front leg/shoulder, lost all the teeth on the right side of her mouth and has an openwound to her face & an injury to her right eye. Poor girl! ..

The lady that normally cares for Panda makes her living from massage & due to covid there is no tourists, so she has no money. She is destitute and not even able to spend $5 on pain medication for Panda!

This is a very small island with only one vet which has limited capabilities & is unable to perform surgery on broken bones, so local rescuer “Martina”  has asked for our help, as Panda needs to travel to Bangkok for surgery.

Martina is planning to take Panda back to Koh Chang as soon as possible after the surgery, to save on hospital costs. She will recover at her home & restrict her movement for a month (keeping her in a large crate) so that she can fully recover safely.

So we are trying to raise $500 to help pay the costs associated with Panda’s surgery and recovery.

With your help, we can do this & help Panda recover. She is a much loved dog on the island & her condition is causing much distress to those that love her. We just want Panda out of pain & on the road to recovery asap. Please help if you can! Panda needs us.

Thank you x

Panda being rescued immediately after the accident

Vet giving her fluids & stabilizing her

She’s lost all the teeth on one side of her mouth due to the impact

the broken bone in her hip that needs surgery

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