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Some of the temple puppies at risk of parvo. Your donation will ultimately save their lives


These little pups really need your help. Local Pattaya rescuer – Josie Hunt has been taking care of the stray dogs at the Boonsamphan Temple for the past 2 years. She has vaccinated and sterlized all the dogs there using her own funds. But recently an explosion of abandoned very young puppies has seen an outbreak of parvovirus which is often fatal. The costs to treat the exposed puppies are very high and Josie has asked for YOUR HELP.

At present 6 puppies have the parvovirus and 3 have already died. The situation is very emotional and overwhelming for Josie as there are 21 puppies at the temple now ranging from 1.5 to 4 months old. Those that died were too young to vaccinate and succumbed to the virus.

Your donations are desperately needed to help treat the remaining puppies and vaccinate/sterilize them. The dogs have a good life here as the temple monks built a compound where the very young puppies can be safe from the larger dogs. They have a proper cement floor, beds and daytime sala’s.

Many locals dump puppies at temples and assume they will be cared for. This is often not the case. This temple is very lucky to have Josie looking after the dogs dumped here, so please support her efforts to ensure the dogs are healthy & live happy lives. YOUR DONATION WILL SAVE A PUPPIES LIFE!

The enclosure built by the monks to protect the puppies at the temple.

Inside the enclosure the puppies have proper beds. Josie ensures they have as good a life as possible.

A beautiful puppy who needs vaccinating from parvovirus to ensure her survival.


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