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This poor soul “Prima” is a stray dog struggling to survive on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. He arrived here a few years ago, after he was cruelly dumped by a van in the area – probably by his previous owner.

Recently, Prima developed a large tumor on the side of his neck. The tumor has recently grown large and it now looks horrible and smells bad. The locals did not want this “smelly dog” hanging around & threatened to kill him!

After being contacted by a local lady who often feeds Prima, Rescuer – Amy Nutsati contacted K9aid to see if we could help by raising some donations , so that she could arrange to take him to a vet for medical care. When we saw these photos and heard his story, there was no question we had to to help!

Prima is a timid dog and is regularly bullied by other local dogs. He usually hides himself under a car most of the time. Sadly, the only time he comes out is when he’s called by the local lady who feeds him. Sadly she is very poor and only feeds him leftover Thai (spicy) food.

After our agreement to help, Prima was picked up and admitred to a vet hospital in Bangkok. He is suffering from Blood Parasites, Low Placelet Counts, and sadly the tumors have been diagnosed as “mast cell tumors”.

We know that there is no cure this type of tumor, the vet will just need to treat the wounds as they are. However, there are some cases like this that respond well to some types of antibiotic treatment, so we have decided that we must try this method.

Why are we determined to help this dog?… Because as soon as the vet gave Pima proper dog food, he ate like he has missed eating this food for a long time. He also looked in the eyes of the nurses there to appeal for more food. This poor soul has not had a decent meal in so long, and our hearts just sank when we heard this.

Prima needs a safe roof, proper nutritious food & medical treatment. Most of all, he needs to know love again & know that people want to help him.

So please, if you can spare a donation (however small), we really need to help this poor dog. Amy & K9Aid have promised him we’ll look after him & we want to make his life better. Please help us do that.

Thank you x

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