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The dogs you can see in this video are protected from the tropical rains, but there are another 50 dogs who cannot be seen, they’re hiding within the shelter grounds in this pouring rain!

These 50 dogs who live at the Boonsamphan temple Shelter in Pattaya, Thailand have no shelter when the tropical rain comes. They spend hours, sometimes days, hiding under anything they can find to protect themselves from the tropical downpours which often turn this shelter in to a lake.

A small sala structure is desperately needed for this shelter which resides within temple grounds operated by local Pattaya rescuer – Josie Hunt. The structure Josie wants to build will measure 10meters by 8 meters, with a roof and walls on 3 sides, a cement floor & bamboo beds for the dogs to lay on. It is a simple building structure and will be able to house the 50 resident dogs who currently have no shelter from rain.

This is the type of project K9Aid really likes to help with! Something that will really make a difference to the lives of these poor dogs.

Josie would like to complete this project before the next rainy season in mid May & has received a quote to build the structure which will cost approx US$1200 & we are trying to raise half that amount.

Raising funds for projects like this is not easy. People donate readily for sick dogs, but infrastructure to help improve their lives is so important & we need your help if we’re going to do this!

Please help us build this structure for the dogs before the rains come! The dogs will be truly grateful. Thank you. x

Some of the dogs in the uncovered area who will benefit from the new sala.


The outside dogs have no shelter at present from the tropical rains. Everything gets wet when it rains.



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