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Little Rainbow is suffering the after effects of distemper. She SO wants to walk again!!!

Rainbow has only ever known a life of neglect. She came from a litter of 5 puppies who were uncared for by their owners in Phuket and suffering from mange, ticks,
eye infections etc. Rescue Group “Help Street Dogs & Cats” tried to help these poor souls, but sadly two of the pups died. Then Rainbow started showing signs of coordination
issues, wobbling/twitching when she walked and losing balance. So once again they ran to the vets .. Diagnosis: Distemper!

Many dogs recover from distember but the brain has been damaged causing her co-ordination issuees. But with lots of therapy and tender loving care, her chances of recovering and
walking again are within reach. Fab & Lea who run “Help Street Dogs & Cats” refuse to give up on this sweet soul who desperately wants to walk again.

Rainbow is on a cocktail of daily medication, vitamins and supplements, all designed to boost her immune system. She also needs daily exercises and massage to stimulate
the nerves and muscles. She’s also getting hydrotherapy in the pool. Lea says “Even though she is doing great in the pool, once we put her on the ground, she can’t stand at all,
she is MOTIONLESS, it’s so heartbreaking but she keeps trying so hard. She has a strong will to live, and we will do everything we can to make her walk again.”

Rianbow needs a 4 wheel support chair to encourage her to walk again. Our mission is to buy this for her and get her mobile as soon as possible. Watching his video is so sad,
she tries so hard.

Please help with a donation if you can for her chair. Thank you x

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