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Richard doesn’t look sick right?… these cases are so difficult to raise funds for that we almost had to turn Richard away. But he DESPERATELY needs help & we just couldn’t leave him to suffer. Please prove us wrong & help us get some donations for this poor soul who has no-one in the world to care for him and really needs your help!

Richard is one of the dogs cared for remotely by Emma & Cathy who run All Animals are Suay in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Richard lives outside the Chiang Mai Municipal Library & last week he was he was hit by a car twice. As a result, he suffered a ruptured urethra, a ruptured bladder, a bruised and damaged left kidney, a broken hip and a minor break in his right front paw. Surgery was required for his urethra,as without intervention he would have leaked urine internally. This would have developed into an infection that would inevitably prove fatal.

The bone fracture at his hip sliced the bladder. So, now he only has 50% of his bladder which will have him urinating more frequently for the rest of his life.

Richard is in hospital at the moment in confinement for 2 weeks, then hopefully he will be well enough to return home to the library.

The costs to mend Richard are substantial. His intitial tests and xrays & surgery will cost around USD$400.

Please help him if you can, his injuries are out of sight, please don’t put them out of your mind. Thank you. x

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