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Rescuing Ringo…

This video shows 9 week old puppy “Ringo” when he was found on the filthy streets of Bangkok. He was struggling to stand & in lots of pain after being hit by a car a month earlier, but nobody helped him. He was completely alone & struggling to survive all this time!

Eventually someone asked for help for Ringo and local rescuer Iza Mirakhanian came to help & took him to her local vet.

Ringo’s pelvis has been badly broken when the car hit him, causing his rear legs to spay out and he is now unable to walk properly. He also has problems passing bowel movements as the pain from the breakage does not allow him to push.

If Ringo has surgery within the next few weeks, the vet says it is still early enough for it to be successful and he will have a good chance of making a full recovery.

How can we not give him this chance? We are trying to raise $350 towards Ringo’s surgery whilst Iza tries to raise the rest herself.

This beautiful puppy has an opportunity to walk normally and even find a forever home after he’s healed. We can all do a great thing here, so please consider a donation towards Ringo’s surgery. Without rescuer’s like Iza and your support, puppies like Ringo would live painful, unhappy lives on the street.

Thank you for helping Ringo, lets get him to surgery asap!

Ringo on the way to the vet with Iza. Xrays show crushed pelvis.

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