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Rod is a female 5-month-old street pup who was found wandering around a Bangkok, Thailand skinny and starving. This area also has a lot of bigger dogs roaming the streets and with limited food available in their territory, this defenceless puppy had no chance of getting a share.

One day, a local food truck owner saw this pup with blood all over her little mouth and he decided to help her. Local rescuer Amy Nutsati was called to help.

Rod’s jaw was broken. We cannot be sure how this happened but we suspect she was either bitten by a bigger dog or ran over by a vehicle.

Amy sent Rod to a vet hospital, but her blood platelet count was too low to be given anesthetic for surgery. So Rod was hospitalized for a week and given vitamins and medication to boost her strength.

After a week this little pup was well enough for surgery to mend her jaw which was a complex procedure and she now needs to be continuely monitored closely for infection and prevention of possible accidents that might tear her delicate jaw apart again.

The vet estimates that she will need 2 months to refrain from any possible over-use of her jaw & surrounding muscles. Rod is still also suffering from malnutrition, so she is weak, and vulnerable & Amy is still very worried about her. This is a puppy who just wants to play and has no idea what has happened to her .

Once Rod is recovered & able to leave the vet, Amy will place Rod in one of her foster homes for the rest of her life so she does not have to struggle again on the streets. Amy would also love Rod to eventually find a family of her own as she says she’s a lovely girl and deserves a happy life.

We are trying to raise $200 to help with the medical costs for Rod. Without rescuers like Amy, puppies like these would suffer on the streets & never receive the help they desperately need.


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