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Saahas is an Indian Street dog . A train ran over his font legs & severed them.

This poor soul is under the care of our friends at “Stray Dog Support” who are desperately trying to raise funds to provide Saahas with the medical care he needs, surgeries, transport, carts & his rehabilitation which will be extensive.

Sadly we have seen cases like this before & miraculously, these dogs often do recover & go on to lead very happy lives. We are so hoping this will be the case with Saahas & with so many people on his side doing everything possible to help him, he has a very good chance of coming through this horrific injury.

Stray Dog support are currently working with their team to get him to a specialist vet hospital in Delhi as soon as possible. He’s currently still in Kolkata where the accident happened, but until he is a little stronger, his health can’t be risked on a flight.

Once he is in Delhi he will receive continued medical care and placed into a long term foster. The goal will be then to get him to the United States once he is able to travel. Once in the United States, he will receive specialist vet care and rehab therapy and will work on getting him a custom-made cart. So, the fundraising will cover the cost of fostering, transportation to Delhi, medical care, transportation to the US, required pre-transport vet logistics and airline fees etc. specialist medical care and rehab in the US as well as a custom cart.

Saahas is currently doing well and the vet staff are giving him lots of love & attention. His wounds are healing & he’s receiving excellent care. We can only imagine how much he’s endured & the courage he’s shown.

Some of you will probably be concerned about Saahas’s quality of life with only two legs. Please know that there are many dogs who have wonderful lives and these angels have no egos or attachment to their legs, they just want love. Stray Dog Support are 100% committed to this boy and will do everything they can to give him an amazing life.

Stray Dog Support are trying to raise $5000 to cover all Sahara’s expenses. They have asked for OUR HELP in raising a portion of this & we are determined to help as much as we can. Saahas has shown us all what courage and strength is all about! Now it’s our turn to give him the care he so desperately needs.

UPDATE: We will know by Sunday whether Saahas is well enough to be flown to Delhi. We will keep you updated!



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