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Shakti when found (left) and after finally being rescued


“Shakti” which means “strength” was found by a local villager on the steps of a railway station in Habra, West Bengal, India curled up trying to get out of the sunlight that was burning her exposed, mange infected skin.

She was covered in sores and wounds that had ravaged her little body. This 6-month-old puppy, was starving to death, drinking dirty drain water and was so emaciated because she had no food for weeks and no one to help her.

Nobody stopped to feed her or give her water. Can you imagine how alone and afraid she was, and how much pain she felt? According to the local rescuer, she was also being “targeted for death” because of her condition which is heartbreaking, because she is just a baby.

When Indian Rescue Organisation “Stray Dog Support” was made aware of this puppy, they did not hesitate to send help, even though this pup’s location was 4 hours from any medical care. After several days of trying to catch her, they finally succeeded and she is now in hospital, where she is receiving IV fluids and medication.

We are currently unsure of her full medical issues, but her situation is being monitored closely.

K9Aid have offered to help Stray Dog Support to pay for Shakti’s medical care/boarding and eventually getting her to a loving home in the United States.

Will you be her angel and help? We know she is to many, just another “throw away” street dogs, but to all of us, she represents strength, and that is why she’s been named “Shakti”.

Please help her recover!

Gaining her trust, to enable her rescue

Emaciated, suffering mange, dehydration and malnutrition.


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    • paula wilson

      need addreass to send money to.

      • K9Aid

        Hi Paula, thank you for wanting to help Shakti. What country are you in please?

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