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This is the story of one rescuers’s determination to help a little street dog walk again & give him a second chance at life. We’d like to help by providing this brave soul with a WHEELCHAIR. 

Sima was dumped on the streets of Serbia & most likely the victim of a road accident. A local woman found him in pain, dragging himself around the streets, so took him to a local vet clinic. Sadly the vet gave him no hope & wanted to euthanise him.

This woman did not want to give up easily, so posted Simba’s heart wrenching video on facebook where rescuer Sandra Petrovic saw it & instantly knew she had to help this poor soul.

Sandra took Simba to a vet in a bigger town for a second opinion. This vet told Sandra there was only a very small chance that Simba would walk again with surgery. But she had to try, so she paid for Simba to undergo delicate spinal surgery.

Everything possible is being done to give Sima the best chance of walking again, including regular physiotherapy, to help his spinal chord & nerve damage. He also tested positive for heartworm and his being treated.

Will he walk again? we dont’ know but there is a chance. To help Sima, we’d like to purchase him a wheelchair, so that he can be mobile, regain some upper body strength to assist his long recovery.

Despite the outcome, Sandra wants to get Sima as mobile as possible and hopefully find him a loving family. He’s a lovely dog & deserves the best life possible.

We really want to provide this brave soul with a wheelchair!. s

o please any donation will help. The cost for the chair is $160usd.

Thank you.
We will update with Sima in his chair if we reach the goal!













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