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Beautiful Sissy has spent 9 years at the shelter in Syros Greece


After we posted Sissy’s heart wrenching story on our facebook page recently, something very special has happened… A wonderful small rescue group in the UK, has offered to find this beautiful girl a home in England!

After spending her entire life at the Syros Stray Animal Shelter in Greece (9 years), Sissy is about to undergo a life changing experience. She will be placed in a very caring foster family in England where she will learn to live in a proper home. Then when she’s ready, a permanent retirement home will be found for this sweet girl where she can be spoiled and pampered for the rest of her life.

Sissy was just 4 weeks old when found with her brothers and sisters on a mountain near the shelter. Someone had obviously abandonded the entire litter there to die. The Syros shelter has had no adoption program in the past, so Sissy has had no opportunity to find a family of her own – until now!

Getting Sissy ready for her journey is quite expensive. She needs vaccinations, blood tests and travel expenses paid, so that we can give her this amazing opportunity which she thoroughly deserves.

Please if you can give a small amount towards Sissy’s journey & her happy future, she will be forever grateful.

Thank you x

If anyone deserves this opportunity it’s this girl!

Please help Sissy reach her retirment home in England and experience a loving home for the first time in her life.

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