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This case is incredibly sad… Snow is a sweet, beautifully natured girl and one of dozens of cats who live at aTemple in Kon Khean, Thailand.

One day last week, whilst she was peacefully sleeping in the Temple grounds, a driver accidently ran right over her, breaking her hip and leg.

The driver took Snow to the vet, and the vet called one of the Temple nuns and told her that sadly Snow had been seriously injured. The nuns were devastated to hear this beautiful soul was in so much pain.

Further diagnosis has revealed that Snow has acute renal failure and anemia, so this needs to be treated before she will be able to withstand the lengthy surgery to fix her broken bones (if possible). If not, unfortunately her leg will need amputation.

Snow also also urgently needs a blood transfusion & concerned local cat owner took her two vets into the clinic to see if either of her cats had the same blood group & thankfully one’s a match!

Snnow’s Rescuer “Khun Ti” has been visiting Snow regularly and giving her lots of reassuring cuddles.

If you’d like to help Snow, we’d be most grateful for your support. This is a Temple cat who has no owner & desperately needs intensive veterinary care, medication & surgery asap to save her life.

Please help if you can, thank you x




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