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Solo where she lay in the street, before being rescued by Josie


We are pretty sure we know what happened to this sweet innocent 2 year old. We suspect that her owners dumped her in the street after she developed TVT cancer.

She’s quiet, gentle,easy to handle and she lets you put a harness & leash on without any trouble at all. All this makes her rescuer “Josie Hunt” suspect she’s been someone’s pet.

Josie rescued this lovely girl (now called “Solo”) in Pattaya, Thailand. She was living near a school and people were chasing her away every day. Many people passed her by for months & no-one thought to help her. Finally a kind Thai lady contacted Josie and although it took a while to locate her, finally she was caught & taken to the vet hospital.

Despite it’s horrific appearance, TVT is totally curable given the right treatment. Solo’s case is severe and she will need 2 months of therapy to clear her tumors. Once she is cured, Josie will also have her speyed.

As Solo is such a gentle soul, Josie decided to settle her in the temple shelter she runs, rather than have her spend 2 months in hospital in a small cage.

The cost of Solo’s treatment (including sterlization ) will be around $400 & Josie has asked for our help.

We would all love to see Solo free of her TVT, sterlized & give her the chance to find a home. Please help her with a donation. Thank you. x

p.s. If you would like to learn more about TVT (Transmissable Venereal Tumor) here is a link to our website where we explain this disease further. https://k9aid.org/ctvt-tumors/


Solo is now in Josie’s care and being treated for her TVT tumors.

Solo is perfectly comfortable in a harness & being walked on a leash. This sweet gentle girl has been someone’s pet.

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