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Sonia was found chained in a remote field without food or water. She’d literally been left there to die…

A local person found Sonia & immediately contacted Greek Rescue group “Foundation for the Protection of Animals in Mesologgi”for help.

Sonia’s owner was located and he told the rescuers she’d been sick since 2012 & diagnosed with cancer with a huge tumor which hangs from her abdomen which he’d not been able to afford treatment for. So he’d decided to leave her in the field to perish & die. She is painfully thin, has given birth many times, is malnourished and would not have survived much longer.

This dog is now under the care of the Mesologgi Foundation and THEY HAVE ASKED FOR OUR HELP in getting her well again. She will need treatment for the tumor and good food, medication & supplements to improve her health.

It’s a horrifying situation for this poor dog and we’d like to see her recover and hopefully find a family who will love & care for her. Her rescuers tell us she’s a sweet friendly soul, who likes to carry her ball everywhere. Bless her heart x

Please consider a donation to help Sonia however small, we’d like to reach our $300 goal for this poor soul.  Thank you x


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