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This is Sonia, she was found two years ago in Greece, just skin & bone. She was chained in a field without food or water. After a community search, Sonia’s owner was found & he agreed to give the dog to a local Rescue Group as he was scared they’d go to the police & report him!

Back then, the Rescue Group immediately took Sonia to the vet where they were told that Sonia had been diagnosed with cancer many years ago, but the owner did not have money to pay for the surgery. So the Group raised the money for Sonia’s surgery which was successful at the time & Sonia has lived in a shelter ever since.

Sadly, Sonia’s cancer has now returned and its become quite serious. She’s now 12 years old and although she’s in good physical conditon, tests have revealed several mammory tumors & ulcers.

Although Sonia’s prognosis is unknown, we can’t just let her die we have to try and help her. Surgery to remove the masses & give her some extra quality life will cost just $300. We have to try!

Sonia lives at the shelter and has no-one to help her apart from people around the world like you who care.

We’d love to raise the money for Sonia’s surgery & give this lovely girl some better quality life, so if you can help please send a donation (however small). Sonia will be so grateful for your support. Thank you x

The ulcers where Sonia’s mammory tumors are



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