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This old Thai Street dog has been named “Spirit”. He was found severely injured after being shot on New Years Eve in the beachside city of Pattaya.

After local rescuer Martina Moeller-Paripovic was alerted to this poor soul, plans were made to capture him & rush him to the veterinary surgery.

Upon arrival at the vets Spirit was given first aid treatment to kill the many, many maggots that had infested his bullet wounds. On further investigation the Vet found that a bullet had entered from his nasal bone, travelled through the head and neck & exited at the right shoulder. Shockingly, when cleaning his wounds, they also found a second bullet wound near his left hip/thigh region.

The criminal who did this, sadly is not known, but this poor soul has suffered terribly and our first priority is to get him well.

Most of the photos are graphic and some of you will be wondering if he can be saved. All I can say is that we have seen cases like this previously and miraculously they more often than not, make a full recovery.

Spirit will have to keep stay in the clinic for at least 8 weeks for further treatment & the total costs of his recovery is estimated to be around USD $460.

So watch for our further updates on Spirit’s progress, send him a get well comment below & a donation (however small) will help pay for his life saving treatment.

Let’s help him please.

Thank you x

FURTHER UPDATE:  Sadly blood pathology results have also just confirmed Spirit has severe Anemia,  Septicemia,  Blood parasites & ECanis. Sadly this is not good news. 

The caputure of “Spirit”

Off to the vet

the second bullet wound found in Spirit’s thigh

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