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Left: first surgery to remove infected leg, Right” at the surgery with the only person in the world she trusts


This beautiful girl’s name is “Stardust” & she lived on the streets of Thailand. She came into the care of the Saved Souls Foundation in Khon Kaen, after being bitten by a pitbull 4-5 times on the same place, her back leg. The infection capsulated and became a big tumor on her back leg so sadly there was no other option but to amputate.

After the terrible trauman of being bitten, beaten up and the amputation, Stardust was very traumatized and frightened of human and other dogs & it took 3 long weeks of close contact with Saved Soul’s vet to gain her trust again. The vet is now the only person she trusts.

Then last month the shelter noticed that Stardust’s tummy was growing abnormally large & was very hard and firm. Sadly this time the vet has diagnosed a very big tumor in her abdomen. After an initial investigatoy surgery at Saved Souls Foundation, it was discovered that the tumor is adhered to her bladder, colon & other organs including her spine and removal will need a specialist surgeon.

So today Stardus is undergoing surgery at the specialist University Hospital (Khon Kaen Vet University Hospital) where she will be operated on by the top specialist. Photos of her with Saved Soul’s vet in the waiting room below. (the only person she trusts & loves).

This is a serious operation but this poor girl deserves a chance. After suffering the horrible bites & ampuation and now this tumor, Stardust deserves a  healthy, happy life.

Saved Souls are struggling like many other shelters these days and have asked for our help raising funds for Stardust’s surgery. The cost could be up to $700, so we are trying to raise half of that$350)to help.

Please donate if you can however small, it will help! And please wish Stardust lots of luck today!

Thank you. x

The first surgery where the tumor was discovered

First surgery photo

waiting at the specialist clinic with the Saved Souls Vet – the only person in the world Stardust trusts & loves





















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