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The Tragedy of Tarn…

“Tarn” is a sweet & gentle street dog who lives at Wat Chedi Hoi Buddhist Temple in Bangkok.

A kind Thai family who lived near this temple saw Tarn was badly hurt (probably due to a motor vehicle accident) and put out a call for help. They drove two hours with the poor dog to Kasertsart Vet Hospital only to find out that Tarn’s injuries are very severe, the cost of treatment very expensive and way too much for this poor family to afford.

The Vet said the badly injured front leg likely won’t need amputation & with intensive cleaning, antibiotics and treatment, it will heal. Tarn also suffered a break in her back but as the injury is fresh, it will luckily have a very high chance of healing on its own. She also has a a dislocated hip requiring surgery.

The cost of Tam’s surgery, treatment, medication etc is $800 & we are trying to raise this amount with your help.

After surgery, we will try to find Tarn a home as she is very sweet and young. If a home cannot be found for Tam, she will go back to temple to be with her friends. If she cannot return to the temple, she will be placed at the Furget Me Not Sanctuary, run by Bangkok Dog Rescuer – Soot Liang Woo.

Your donations are urgently requested so that Tarn can receive the urgent medical care she needs. This poor girl has no-one else to care for her, so we just had to help her.

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    • David Slack

      I run a shelter in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand I
      Need to buy more land for the mums and puppies that are dumped in the temples at the end of our road 6 we’re dumped at the end of our road in a box no one told us until the next morning and they were out in the pouring rain.In this land we want to build a quarantine area for new rescues.We need to raise 200,000 baht to buy and 300k to develop it.

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