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We recently introduced you to a very caring man who lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia called “Tet Lin”. This amazing man has lost everything including home (due to the pandemic) yet he continues to care for the street animals who depend on him. It’s a very sad story, but also one of inspiration & hope.

Last week Tet Lin was returning from the local vet clinic, when he came across these 3 dogs with serious skin problems. Their condition is so bad it’s severely affecting their quality of life). Tet has asked if we coud possibly help pay for their treatment. The dogs are virtually hairless, covered in mange which is causing their skin to become tight, cracked & bleed, causing a lot of discomfort & pain for these poor pups. 

Its horrible seeing dogs suffering  in this condition, knowing it can be cured with the correct medication.

These 3 dogs are primarily street dogs, but they also live with a local man (who is very poor – earning less than $10 per day) who allows them to come in & out of the tiny room he lives in. Tet says this man cares about these dogs but the man has barely enough money for food & can in no way afford any medical care for the dogs.

The cost to treat all 3 pups including blood tests, medication, bravecto, de-worming, medicated shampoo & tuk tuk transport to the vet – totals $450. We’d love to be able to provide this for these dogs so that they can be healthy & out of discomfort & pain as soon as possible!

Every day we are very humbled by the the compassion & devotion showed to street animals by Tet Lin & people like him in less fortunate countries. These amazing caring people never forget the animals, despite their own personal hardships (especially during this pandemic).

Please consider donating to this worthy cause & help alleviate these dogs suffering. Thank you x







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