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This injured puppy was found on the chaotic streets of Gujurat, India. His right eye has been injured causing it to protrude from its socket. It’s infected and maggots have eaten the surface of the eye & also around his eyelid.

Our good friend Ashish Thacker who runs the Helping Hands for Animals Shelter in Gujurat, has rescued this young pup (now called Thor) and is treating him at his shelter.

The eye will be causing him terrible pain, but this happy, energetic pup continues to enjoy life even with a serious injury like this.

Ashish says “despite his bad wound, he is the most mischievous puppy at the shelter. I tell Tor he isn’t well and you should rest, but he won’t listen and carries out his favourite game of teasign & chasing all the other puppies!”

Thor will need to undergo surgery to remove his eye & will need antibiotics & wound cleaning to ensure the infection is cured, so that he can go onto live a healthy life.

We are trying to raise $250 to help with Thor’s surgery & medical care. Please help with a donation if you can (however small). Thor & Ashish will be grateful for your support.

Thank you x



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