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Puppy’s suffering has ended and will hopefully receive funds for the help he needs…

Tiger is a male pup living as a stray along with his mom and siblings on the streets of Rachaburi, Thailand.

We don’t know how or when he contracted Canine Distemper; we only know that almost every dog who contracts this cruel disease, suffers a terrible and painful death.  We know that  if Tiger doesn’t receive medical treatment, no shade, no home, and no promising meals that death is eminent.

Distemper will destroy parts of his brain and muscle, that is why we see him shake and his unsteady gait.

A passer by spotted Tiger displaying these symptoms and had no idea what the problem was,  but desperately wanted to get him medical care.  That’s where local rescuer Amy Nutsati was contacted a few weeks ago.  Although, she realizes that there is nothing that can be done for this pup to lead a normal life, she cannot leave him there to die a slow and very painful death.

He is emaciated and scared in addition to his poor little body shaking. When Amy arrived, he tried to hide in a small bush as that was all he could do to protect himself from suspected harm.

Amy has taken Tigerto the local vet where he was immediately put on an IV drip.  He is receiving nutrient rich food multiple times a day as well as his very first DPKIL and Rabies vaccines.  He will not be returned to the streets because he would not survive.  After he is well enough, he will go into a foster home with hopefully a “furever” home down the road.

Medical bills are mounting for this poor homeless soul.  Please help with the expense of getting him well enough to go into foster.  These dogs would never receive care if it wasn’t for your donations.  Thank you.  X

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