$711 Raised 10 Donors $850 Goal

This is an existing tiled run at Adrian’s shelter. The dogs are so much happier, healtheir & cleaner with tiled floors. Your donations will tile another area just like this!


Adirian Giurgui is an angel for the disabled dogs of Pattaya, Thailand. He takes care of over 70 dogs. 40 are disabled souls who depend on him to provide them with a full & happy life. These dogs have nowhere else to go and very little chance of adoption. Adrian devotes his life to helping these dogs and he loves them all dearly.

As the number of dogs needing Adrian’s help grows, he’d like to be able to tile another area at his disabled shelter. These tiled runs make it so much easier for the paralysed dogs to move around. In a hot country like Thailand, the tiled floors ensure they dogs stay cool, clean & comfortable & make disinfecting and cleaning much easier & the dogs stay healthier as a result.

Adrian has asked for our help in tiling 2 new areas of his shelter which total 50 square meters in size. Each Square meter of tiling including the sand & cement costs approx costs 480 Thai Baht which is approx USD$17 . So the total amount needed to be raised to tile the new runs is 17 x 50 = $850USD.

So we would love our supporters to purchase a square meter of tiling costing $17 (several square meters if you can!) & together we can make this goal achievable.

Currently these dogs have to move around on raw earth which causes wounds to their limbs, which easily become infected. YOUR DONATIONS will enable this new area to be tiled & make dogs lives so much better!

Any donation at all is gratefully accepted for these very special dogs.

Thank you x

The area where the new tiles will be layed.

Adrian with some of his disabled rescue dogs.


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