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Our hearts break for this poor soul who has just been rescued by Amy Nutsati. Your donations are desperately needed to provide her with all the medical care she needs.

In Amy’s own words, here is the story of “Tinnie”…

“She was dumped a week ago (July 1, 2019) in a rural rice field area of Mahasarakam, 500 kms from Bangkok. A farmer spotted this poor sould being thrown from a car which then drove off. No one paid attention as this type of “dog dumping” is often seen & people take no notice.

A couple of days later the same farmer biked past the dumping spot. Only this time, he noticed the little white dog was still there and cried constantly. It is the rainy season here in the Thailand & the dog was soaked wet and struggling to survive.

Thankfully, this time the farmer could not ignore the pain and suffering of this little white dog. He biked to a local village and asked a teenager to call someone in the city to help the dog.

The dog was finally sent to a local vet clinic on July 4th and that was when I was notified. I called the vet to discuss the dog’s condition and symptoms. The dog gets seizures, she cannot move, drink, or eat on her own. She was now being given IV, anticonvulsants and parecetamol. Her temperature was 106F when rescued & she was unconcious.

The vet believes Tinnie has had distemper in the past & survived it. All we see now is post distemper after effects like the twitching seen on the video.

We believe the owner could not take care of her, so dumped her to die alone in the rice field. She was lying in pain alone in rain and sun for at least 3 days, dehydrating, hungry, and suffering a high fever. Despite all this , the vet believes she will survive.”

Amy will move “Tinnie” to Bangkok to be treated by her own vet in a week’s time once she is stable. The taxi fee alone will cost USD 300. But Amy says ” I had cases like this before. & they are still alive and have a quality life. I strongly believe I can give this little white angel a life she deserves. I will show her love and care she did not get from her owner.”

We all want Tinnie to survive & live a quality of life. Amy will find a forever home or a foster home for her once she’s well enough.

Please send a donation for Tinnie & let’s all help Amy to give her life & a future. We will update you as we receive information from Amy.

Thank you.

Tinnie when found

Tnnie on her way to the vet


Being treated at the vet clinic

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