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This truly is a tragic story and one which has touched everyone involved very deeply.

Two weeks ago Namfon Hilgers– founder of Santisook Foundation for Stray Dogs and Cats in Chiang Mai, Thailand recieved a call from a local asking her to help 15 dogs from a filthy Puppy Mill. This Mill is apparently going broke and they were willing to sell all dogs at a very cheap price even to the Illegal Dog Meat Trade!

Namfon immediately went there and the horrific sight she witnessed will stay with her for ever. Small poor souls kept in filthy cages imprisoned inside a small bungalow to keep their voices from the neighbours. The tiny bungalo was very hot with no air circulation. She was sure a human would die if kept in there for only a few hours! But these poor little dogs were kept there 24hours a day, 7 days a week for years and years!!!.

Namfon pleaded with the owner for hours and finally he allowed Namfon to take custody all 15 dogs. That day was probably the first time the dogs ever saw the outside world.

All 15 dogs who are Pomeranians, Shihtzus, and Poodles are in bad conditions, 4 of which needed to be hospitalized immediately. Every one of them has skin problems. Every one of them has malnutrition which leads to many other immune problems.

They need time and medical care to heal their tiny bodies. They also need true love and families to heal their suffering souls. Namfon will make it her mission find each of them the loving families they deserve.

Our goal is to try and raise $100 for each of these 15 tiny souls so that they can each receive the medication, supplements, nutritious food & care that they desperately need. Please help us!















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