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Tong Pilaw’s front legs are beyond repair. A double amputation is necessary to save his life.

TONG PILAW IS BREAKING OUR HEART – He will lose 2 front legs…

This poor Thai street dog was found with two severely injured front legs. Both legs are infected and need amputation as soon as possible. Tong Pilaw was spotted walking out of some woods where he laid down and was being fed by locals on water and rice.

Dog Rescuer – Tamara Johnston from Thai Street Paws Rescue in Songkhla heard about this poor soul and was determined to help him. She drove a 6 hour round trip to collect him and has taken him to her local vet who will perform the surgery to remove his legs and treat his infection. The vet thinks the right leg with the bone sticking out may have been cut by something like a lawnmower. The left leg either was done deliberately to him or it could have been a car accident as it is broken in many places.

A kind Thai lady called Kanjana Senakoch originally rescued him from the street. She was very happy that Tamara was going to take him and make sure he was ok.

The vet will amputate the left leg first as it’s very infected. He actually stands on the bone on the left side!

Tamara says “I can ensure Tong Pilaw gets the best care, lots of love, good food and a forever home. This boy has already touched the hearts of so many.

This will be a long road but this boy is a fighter, though ever so gentle and loving. Please keep Tong Pliaw in your thoughts and send a donation to help pay for this surgery, medication and rehabilitation.

Thank you x

Tong Pilaw with this Thai rescuer Kanjana Senakoch and the lady who will nurse him back to health Tamara Johnston

Poor baby has been walking on bone in terrible pain

All settled for the 3 hour drive to Songkhla where Tamara will get him the surgery he needs

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