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This is one of the saddest cases we’ve seen …

We cannot express our grief & outrage at the discovery of this Puppy found in a rural area of Supanburi, 200kms from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.

A school boy found the puppy & decided to share his food with her. The next morning, the boy returned to find her in exactly the same spot. She was soaked by heavy rain from the night before & the young boy realised she was very ill and decided to post photos on facebook asking for help.

Bangkok rescuer – Amy Nutsati saw the boy’s Facebook post & immediately sent a pet taxi to collect the pup. Both her legs were broken & she was unable to walk. She was also starving, with her ribs showing throughout her emaciated body. She was incredibly weak & ready to die.

After rushing her to the vet, this poor soul desperately needed a blood transfusion to save her life, so one of Amy’s rescue dogs became a blood donor. Her x-rays showed both her right front & rear legs had massive breaks and the only way to fix her legs (so she can stand & walk) is specialist surgery. However at present, surgery is not able to be performed as her blood count is too low and she would likely not survive a long & complex operation.

The saddest thing about this case is that the vet highly suspects that Tong Kam received a heavy blow from persons unknown which broke her limbs. Because she was found in this remote area, we assume the person who hit her, then dragged her to this quiet area to die alone.

Tong Kam is only about 9-10 months old & so friendly, it breaks our hearts! You can see from the video, her little tail is wagging when rescuers approach, even though it was a human who did this to her!

Amy is determined to save this little girl, who desperately wants someone to love her. At present Tong Kam is still in intensive care. Amy says “her treatment will be extremely expensive, but I still hope I can collect enough to help this innocent pup. She deserves many more years to enjoy her life”.

The vet estimate for the surgery alone (exclusive of all other treatments and facility fees) will be around USD $1700, so that is the goal of our K9aid Fundraiser. We know this is a BIG ASK from all our supporters to reach the goal for this case, but we have to try.

Please help with a donation if you can. It doesn’t matter how small your donation, they ALL COUNT! Also please SHARE with your friends, together we CAN DO THIS!

Thank you x

p.s. we will bring updates as we receive them from Amy.

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